+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (2023)

There are many Chromecast apps available nowadays, so it is sometimes difficult to select which apps you really want to use. That's good: in recent years I have tested and used hundreds (literally many hundreds) of apps with the Chromecast. That's why I dare to say that this is the best list with Chromecast apps is that you are going to encounter today. At least I hope so ;)

Chromecast apps

If we look at Chromecast apps, then there are actually two types. The largest group are applications that support casting to Google's small streaming dongle. There are also apps that add a function or give extra options for the Chromecast.

The list below includes both types Chromecast apps an overview, where I have of course added the download links for both Android and iOS.

The Best Chromecast apps

If you're going to look at this list, you're probably looking for Chromecast apps you don't know yet. Nevertheless, I will immediately start with some apps that you probably already know and possibly use. Because this article is ultimately the best Chromecast apps are called, these are simply part of it.

Further on in this top list of apps you may also come across some apps that you still know. Let's just start with this comprehensive list.



One of the most popular streaming apps

  • Price:free
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use for:Stream content to the Chromecast
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (1)

YouTube is an indispensable part of our lives nowadays. It was also one of the first apps to support the Chromecast got.

It is one of the most used apps to stream to TV to this day. If you don't have it yet, this is definitely an app worth installing due to the large amount of content available on it.



Movies, serious, documentaries: just stream!

  • Price:free/€ 10 a month
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use for: Stream series, movies and documentaries
  • Use for:Stream series and movies to Netflix
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (2)

OK, actually you have to Netflix no explanation, but it's still on my list. Why? Because it is simply one of the most used Chromecast apps has been for me for years.

In addition Netflix an app that works relatively well: almost every time a stream is started properly, but even better: even after watching for an hour. The app can then still connect to the Chromecast, making the media controls available. The NetflixApp just well put together.



For the Dutch film, series and TV viewer

  • Price:free/€ 9 per month
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use for: Stream series, movies and TV shows
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (3)

Videoland, RTL's streaming app offers a lot of Dutch content. For example, you can watch many programs from the RTL group and you can also find large numbers of series and films, both Dutch and international.

Op Videoland is the offer in any case large enough and also the Chromecastfeature works as it should. That's why this is definitely one of my frequently used ones Chromecast apps of the moment.



Watch programs from Net 5 and SBS

  • Price:free
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use for: Watching programmes
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (4)

The Watch app makes it possible to watch programs from SBS and Net 5 on a large screen. To be fair, it's not the best app. Fortunately, there is support for the Chromecast.

Still, the app isn't perfect (are there any perfect apps at all?). The Watch app often loses connections and navigating is not always convenient. Still, once it's up and running, the range of programs to watch is quite large. Even though I hesitated for a while whether or not to include it in this list: it's in it, so be sure to check it out!



Public broadcasting app

  • Price:free
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to: Watch programmes
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (5)

The NPO app, who doesn't know it. Formerly known as 'missed broadcast', but now much more than that. A large collection of content in the form of documentaries, series, current affairs and more, all viewable on the big screen.

Even if the image quality is not brilliant (often not yet 1080p), this is definitely recommended. The NPO app simply functions well and has a lot of content available to stream to the TV.



Your own media server

  • Price:free
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to:streaming your own content via the Plex media server
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (6)

You can use Plex as a media server for several things. They offer (free) content themselves, but there is also the option to stream your own content. For example, connect Plex to your NAS and stream your own videos or music to the big screen.

Plex has been a big name in this world for years and the Chromecast apps that the company has released for Android and iOS work very well. I myself have been an enthusiastic Plex user for years.



News and current affairs

  • Price:free
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to:stream news (videos).
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (7)

The NOS, who doesn't know him. This popular news app was one of the first to also receive onboard support for the Chromecast.

This makes it possible, among other things, to cast news, the news and other current affairs to your TV. With a lot of new content every day, definitely worth checking out. Maybe you even already have it on your phone and you didn't know it was there Chromecastsupport was, so here it is :-)



Stream music

  • Price:free / € 9,99 per month
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to:Stream music, podcasts and audiobooks
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (8)

Spotify needs no introduction either: the app supports casting music to both a TV with Chromecast, as a large number of smart speakers.

The app works well with other devices and therefore also with the Chromecast, therefore also a logic app for this list.


Google Photos

Photos and videos on the big screen

  • Price:free / extra storage from € 1,99 per month
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to:Big screen photos and videos
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (9)

If you are looking for a unique Chromecast app then Google Photos is for sure. With this you can easily stream photos to the big screen.

The Google Photos app lets you back up your photos and videos, which is handy anyway, but the cast feature makes it even more interesting. This is not only possible with photos, but also with videos, for example. Nice to do when you come back from vacation, for example.


pocket cast


  • Price:free
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to:Listening to podcasts
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (10)

My favorite podcast app, for years. With Pocket Cast you can listen, subscribe and filter all podcasts to your heart's content. Of course you can sync between multiple devices and there are many search options.

Pocker Cast is one of my all-time favorite apps, mainly because I simply listen to a lot of podcasts. Also handy that this one is over Chromecastsupport to cast to TV or speaker.



Stream sports via Chromecast

  • Price:free / provider dependent
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to:Stream sports matches
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (11)

As a sports fan, you can hardly ignore ESPN anymore. The service offers many sports competitions, partly in subscription form. If you want to watch this on a large screen, you can do so via the Chromecast-function.

Very handy if you're not at home, or you want to watch in a place where you don't have a fixed TV connection.


Google Home

Chromecast set up, customize and more

  • Price:free
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to:Chromecast to set and personalize
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (12)

Okay, this one might be very obvious: but the Google Home app is of course the app you need to get you Chromecastexperience more personal. You can also use the app to connect all kinds of other smart devices to make your home a lot more intelligent.

You probably already have the app during the setup of the Chromecast.

Also read: Google Home devices: these work perfectly together


TuneIn Radio

Listening to the radio…

  • Price:free
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to:listening to the radio
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (13)

With TuneIn you can listen to the radio, you can set up thousands of stations worldwide in no time. If you are looking for a radio app, this is the best choice.

Especially since it also supports the Chromecast so you can also stream it through the speakers of your TV or the soundbar, for example.



Stream almost anything

  • Price:free
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to:lots to stream…
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (14)

Kodi in Chromecast aren't necessarily the best of friends, but he's still on the list. Kodi is an app with a small learning curve, but once you understand the basics, you can do a lot with it.

For a more detailed explanation, I refer you to my code for Chromecast-guide, where you can find all the info you need.



Stream literally everything..

  • Price:free
  • Download:Android
  • Use to:Stream practically anything
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (15)

BubbleUPnP is a very versatile app that makes it easy to stream (almost) any content to devices in the house. Whether it's one Chromecast or one of the many other supported protocols, this app is your best friend.

Unfortunately isBubbleUPnP is only available for Android, so it cannot be used on an iPhone in combination with a Chromecast.


Disney +

Stream Disney content

  • Price:free/ € 9 per month
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to:Stream Disney content
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (16)

Disney Plus is now a fast-growing streaming app with a huge range. The content on this platform is popular for kids, but there is also a lot to watch for adults.

The Disney+ app naturally has support for the Chromecast and is also one of the better working apps.



Live streams of game(r)s

  • Price:free
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to:Streaming games live streams
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (17)

You probably won't have missed it: Twitch is the most popular livestream platform for gamers, among others. The app has been working well with the Chromecast and that is paying off.

They have made progress in this and the support is excellent these days. If you want to watch game live streams, this is your go-to Chromecast available.


Pathé at home

Lots of movies

  • Price:free
  • Download:iOS/Android
  • Use to:Streaming (many) movies, also in Dutch
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (18)

Another Dutch streaming service: Pathé at home. With this app you stream a lot of Dutch or non-Dutch content to the big screen.

In the app you can purchase movies, sometimes watch a movie for free, but at least you have a large library of movies at your disposal that you can stream to your TV.


Solid Explorer

File manager

  • Price:free
  • Download:Android
  • Use to:View/move files
+100 Chromecast apps tested: these are my favorites [2022] (19)

Solid Explorer is my favorite file manager that works with the Chromecast. If you need certain files or want to put an APK on an Android TV box, Solid Explorer is your best friend.

As you can see there are many Chromecast apps available, some you may already know, but I hope there are also some new ones that you can use. If you are looking for even more apps, you can always download the Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iPhone/iPad).

Don't you have one yet Chromecast? Then you come on Chromefans enough information about how this little device works exactly and what the possibilities are. We also have an up-to-date list of the best Chromecast offer from this moment.

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